Gun Metal Black

Gun Metal Black Cooks. Every so often a band comes along that serves up their own piping hot original recipe on a silver shiny platter. Fresh quality ingredients you know and love are put to new creative uses and simmered together in tasty ways you had not thought of. Gun Metal Black (GMB for short) is just such a band. Part rock, part jazz, part funk, and all jam, GMB is a blistering fusion of sound and styles for the new millennium.

GMB is a band with stellar musicianship and wicked chops. They don’t hide behind the usual clichés, instead they circumnavigate them all together. They take improvisation to new horizons and always keep it live. Just when you think you have them pegged, they hit you from a different angle. Like the smaller transformers that join together to make the giant menacing robot Devastator, this band is more than the transforming sum of its parts. Each member brings a diabolical tool kit to the table to help craft a one of a kind collective synergy. Together they build worlds of unexplored sound, with each member upping the ante and stepping out front when the time is right.

Guitarist Marcus Robinson is a soulful brother with deep roots in a range of musical styles. He has played in and out of more boxes than a cat in a box factory. He brings it all out of the guitar-Wailing leads, ambient textures, subtle grooves, jazzy chords, and scorching pedal work. Drummer Skeeto Valedez is like a Mack truck of rhythm roaring down the super groove highway. There is no stopping this well engineered meter machine. Bassist Peter Chwazik has a flow and groove that keeps the band’s wild improvisations sounding tight and clean. He can push, he can pull, but most of all he can lay it all down and hold it together. Keyboardist Brandon Chase is like an impressionist painter adding countless colors to an ever-morphing soundscape. He effortlessly opens up new harmonic dimensions weaving rich webs of sound with astonishing technique.

To see GMB is to see a sonic meltdown where the energy of rock, the freedom of jazz, the creativity of jam, and the soulfulness of funk are forged into a new unbreakable alloy. This is a band of fearless musical adventurers who take listeners for a wild and fun ride with each and every show. In a world with so many cookie cutter bands, Gun Metal Black offers listeners a refreshing musical experience that is as stratospheric as it is down to Earth. Check this red-hot force of nature out for yourself and see just how many ways a band can rock when they throw away all the rules.

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