Cosmic Knowledge by Knowledgeborn07

Cosmic Knowledge by Knowledgeborn07 is a straight up hip-hop masterpiece. It is the musical equivalent of someone turning on a light switch in a pitch-black room that contains the missing essence of hip-hop. Lyrically in some ways it harkens back to the grass roots era of hip-hop that gave us great MC’s like KRS One, Guru, Kool Moe Dee, Rakim, the Native Tongues and Chuck D who pushed knowledge of self as a pillar of the hip hop mindset. Like these founding fathers, Knowledgeborn07 has something worth saying and inventive ways of saying it. The lyrical flow here is densely packed with thought provoking content. Sharp social commentary along with spiritual themes of accountability, peace, non- violence, self-awareness, and living with purpose infuse this album in a genuine and sincere way. This is music I think Bob Marley would have dug. In fact the distinct reggae influence here merges with hip-hop and catchy pop sensibilities perfectly to form a powerful and unique sonic trinity.

The musicality of this album is striking. It has an infectious tunefulness and melodic approach driven home with stunning production and remarkable skill. Knowledgeborn07, co-creator Johnny “Cosmic” Gray, and their creative cohorts have crafted a fresh take on music that is both modern and rootsy, earthy but spaced out, underground yet accessible. A gang of talent is present here laying down rhodes, guitars, synths, percussion, backing vocals, guest rhymes, etc. Stylistically the collective sound reminds me a bit of Michael Franti and Spearhead though “Cosmic Knowledge” would also fit right in on the excellent Quannum label, home to conscious West Coast hip hop artists like Blackalicious.

Maintaining vibrant idealism and spiritual optimism in the face of suffering and injustice is the mark of true Soul. Soul is precisely what flows so vibrantly throughout  “Cosmic Knowldege”. An album this actualized in terms of vision, heart, and execution is a rare bugged out happening. Knowledgeborn07 has given birth to a classic work of truly divine and inspiring art and it should not be missed. Like many of the best things in life, this album is free and available for download at

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