Still by Micaela Kingslight

Still by Micaela Kingslight shows that Michiana has another promising female singer songwriter in our midst. The strong debut from the up and coming songstress shows lyrical depth, musical refinement, and vocal poise. The fact that she wrote the songs, sings, plays guitar and even bass on many tracks shows just how much talent she has going on. The accompaniment is strong as well, with solid contributions from Joe Chamberlin, Carolyn Koebel, and Adam Danis.

There are some real musical gems here that show tons of promise. The style is hard to peg, at times it seems folky, other times more rocking, and occasionally even feels a little jazzy or alt county. I like that you can hear an individual style evolving on this CD rather than someone trying to conform to an existing formula. That being said there seems to be some room for improvement.

While Still is a strong debut, it comes from a young artist clearly getting their musical foothold. The vocals while solid, will no doubt mature with time. The songs while tightly constructed, don’t always transcend the emotional murkiness that no doubt fueled their creation. There is a distinct melancholic air that tends to restrain the energy on this moody album. For some that might be a good thing, for this listener it left me wanting a greater range of emotion in the music.

The gloomy atmospherics are in no doubt the flipside of what makes Ms. Kingslight a talented songwriter. She is a keen observer who sees the contradictions in life and herself and skillfully articulates them in song. One gets the sense she is reflective, honest, and true to her experiences. At the same time one can’t help but wonder what she will sound like when she has had a greater range of life experiences to channel into her already promising music.

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