The Electric Forest Festival in Rothbury, MI.

The magical Sherwood Forest looms in the distance at the Electric Forest Festival in Rothbury, MI

It is like an unbelievably fun surrealistic dream. The beautiful woods you find yourself in pulsate with a plethora of inspiring musical sounds. Genre warping electronica music, New Orleans funk, reggae, classic, southern, progressive, and jam based rock, soul-jazz inflected boogaloo, hip hop, it is all here thunderously reverberating through the cathedral like forest. As you explore this realm, new possibilities leap into existence. You could saddle up on a horse and ride into the sunset or board a shuttle to the massive water park. Perhaps a round of golf on the beautiful 240 acre golf course calls or you can take a dip in the nearby lake. You could just relax, watching hilariously playful people while you lounge in a heavenly hammock. At night the surroundings transform into a shimmering luminous vortex of light and sound. It is as if you had stepped into a dimension where everything was alive and resonating with the joy of its own existence. Thank goodness the price of admission included camping, because you don’t want to leave. You’re at the Electric Forest music festival in Rothbury, Michigan.

Hot on the heels of their incredible Rothbury Festival, jam band moguls Madison House Presents return to the beautiful Double J.J. Resort in Rothbury Michigan to bring you the Electric Forest music festival. The list of musical artists who have signed on for the June 30th to July 3rd event co-produced by L.A. based Insomniac is pretty jaw dropping. “We’re excited, the line up is amazing. It is the kind of event where I am excited not just to play but to hear everybody else and get to hang out and just see what the vibe is like” says tenor saxophonist Karl Denson whose band Tiny Universe is a featured act. He adds “Jam band festivals are some of the most interesting for me because they are so wide ranging, you get so many styles of music in one place and if you like music you will definitely get something you didn’t expect.” Other featured acts include Shpongle, Galactic, Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, J.J. Grey and Mofro, REO Speed Wagon, and the String Cheese Incident.

Asked what his own notoriously fun packed band brings to the table Karl says “We try to hit hard and be big punchers. I come from a serious jazz background but also love dance music. I try to listen to everything and continue to know what is out there”. Denson’s eagerness to push the boundaries and incorporate new elements is indicative of the jam scene that will be in full bloom at Electric Forest. These days the scene even incorporates elements of electronica music, a development that is featured at Electric Forest. “They did a great job of mixing in the whole jamtronica thing that is going on right now” says Karl. “It’s a jam band contribution to the electronic scene, it has a little bit from what we have created over here but with DJ’s from this side of the table.”

If boundary pushing music, spectacular natural settings, mind blowing visual production, and positive vibes are your scene, you would be hard pressed to find a better summer getaway than the Electric Forest festival in Rothbury, Michigan.

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