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Putting Soul into Sound

       Our inner nature is Soul. Soul is the unbreakable part of us that transcends life’s challenges and obstacles. It is the eternal spark that ignites creativity. It is the constantly growing and evolving intelligence that gives rise to subjective experience. All of us have it, but not all of us embrace and develop it. Many of us hide from it when we live an unexamined life filled with unconscious beliefs. This makes us removed and disconnected from our selves and the Life around us. We may feel alienated and distant from our own being. In reality we are simply hiding from our truest nature. This inner nature is constantly seeking, expanding, and reinventing itself. Until we are doing the same, we will feel removed from it. It is an illusion though to be without Soul. Soul may temporarily hide from itself, but it can never leave. Soul is always present. Soul is the underlying Oneness that binds life together.

       Sound is the experience of energy patterns created by a specific vibration. Sound refers to energy we can consciously perceive. It is waves of particles that have been affected by motion. It is an energetic reaction to vibration that contains information about its source. Without an initial vibration there can be no sound. Soul is the purest form of energetic vibration we can put forth. It is our truest essence. The “sound” generated by Soul recalibrates the creative directions of the material plane. Putting Soul into Sound means combining our inner nature with perceivable outer expressions. In other words, it means projecting our deepest selves into the world around us.

       When a great performance or artistic creation moves us at our deepest levels, it is said to have Soul. These experiences step out of time and space to utilize and embody the eternally flowing energy at the heart of the universe itself. This non-local and infinite force of creation dwells within all things and is the underlying energy that animates our world. An experience of Soul expands our consciousness into this realm of infinite energy. We witness unseen amounts of potential energy being harnessed into an expression of our own dynamic nature. Such a Soul experience reveals perceptual divisions between the creator, the creating, the creation, and the perceiver to be illusion. At such times there is a release of energetic awareness that reveals our own inner potential essence. How can we be moved and touched at such a deep level without the capacity within our Souls to encompass the experience? We are witnessing a lost part of our own being. Soul reveals us to ourselves. It shows us not only our own creative potential, but also our infinite ability to experience Life meaningfully and deeply.

       To merge with the creative power of the Universe is to fully give our selves to it. We can place our awareness fully into any experience we undertake. The good and bad we experience outside of us are aspects of ourselves and provide useful information about our inner state. By experiencing outer life as part of our own internal evolving nature, we can go beyond our limited sense of ego identity. When we learn to expand our concept of self to include all that is around us, we no longer experience the isolated division so often felt in human existence. Such mindfulness opens up new possibilities of creative interaction with Life. When we put our Soul into the Sound of the Universe in this manner, we open to an entirely different reality. We are no longer constrained to cultural and biological programming, but are instead a part of the creative unfolding of Life. Our unconsciously self-imposed mental limitations cannot help but change when we live in such an open minded and creative way.

       We are fully able to reprogram our conceptions of reality. The human mind is often a jumble of fears and desire, unable to move past its energetically conflicted inertia. Through meditation and nature we can experience a reality free from the barrage of limiting thought patterns thrust upon us. Unplugging from the dense vibration of materialistic attachment and man made mental confinements is essential to liberation of the Soul. We must actively select what we subsidize with our consciousness. We are bombarded with propaganda, sales pitches, psychological manipulation, and commercially conceived entertainment. Such vibrations do little to awaken the creative spirit within us, and often stifle its expression. Instead we must actively seek culture and lifestyles free from the mental pollution of an unconsciously self-destructive society. We must expand our worldview with experiences that resonate with the ability to reinvent our perceptions. We must seek out and integrate experiences that lead to self-creation and renewal. Listen to the ocean, the forest, or children playing. What do you hear? You hear the sound of Life spontaneously creating itself without self-censorship or doubt. These sounds vibrate with freedom, creativity, possibility, acceptance, and vitality. This is the sound of awakened Soul. Soul in Sound seeks to announce the existence of the world to itself. When Soul and Sound are one, there is an unstoppable creative force that expands our awareness to include freedom as part of our being.

       Soul is the unveiling of a whole and complete divine presence normally concealed in the illusion of separation. So much of our reality construct is based on material and temporal constraints. Soul is the power to shatter such limitations and dwell in the continually renewing present. It puts us in touch with aspects of our being we are no longer aware of. It is a manifestation of pure energy vibrating with unconscious truths, lost possibilities, reclaimed emotions, and undiscovered ideas. It is a living symbol exposing the unconscious to the conscious, the shadow to the light, and illusion to the truth. Soul brings Life back into Life in order to celebrate the ability to live.

       Putting Soul into Sound is a matter of creatively combining action and intent. When we offer kind words and actions for friends, take the time to share knowledge with each other, or leap into new experiences, we have put our inner nature into action. These actions are vibrations of energy that will have subtle repercussions in the world. We must strive to continually put forward the best part of us or face negative reverberations of our own making. To do this effectively we must make a continual effort to know and improve our deepest self. The part of us that is beyond wounded ego, frustrated desire, and small-minded self-centeredness. When we live from the eternally evolving and infinitely loving part of us, our actions can bring about profound changes in the world around us. These changes must begin with us.

       Creative experience demands that we transcend pre conceived and limiting concepts of self. So often we hide behind a wall of our limited knowledge, afraid to experience the unknown dimensions of the other side. When we live in this way, our trust and creativity can atrophy. This leaves us with false assumptions about others and ourselves. The doubts, fears, lack of faith, arrogance, ignorance, pride, self centeredness, apathy, and complacency we harbor are a prison to the spirit within us. Breaking out of this prison is a long and strange journey into the unknown dimensions of our own being. It is unique for everyone and no two paths will ever be the same. There are however universal signs that you are heading in the right direction.

       To illuminate life with Soul, one must often endure trials and tribulations beyond the threshold of human comprehension. Doubt, uncertainty, obstacles, limitations, loneliness, and an infinite gestation period are rained down upon those who would dare to live a Soulful and creative life. In following this uncertain and difficult path we will find the part of our selves capable of transcending such temporal and material situations. To truly make a contribution to Life, we must develop an inhuman amount of patience, faith, persistence, fearlessness, dedication, and love within us. We can transcend our arbitrary identification with matter to become an indestructible spiritual force. When we are willing to do this we can actually put forth vibrations that will reverberate in the hearts of others long after our life time. The place we are coming from is the identical place we will reach with our actions. If we live from a place of Love, we will be received appropriately. If our actions are motivated by fear, then we will encounter a fearful response. In the end we find the giver and receiver of an action to be one and the same.

       A Soulful life insists that we continually expand our consciousness to encompass all experience as part of our own selves. There is no room for blame in a Soul who is completely focused on positive creation. The part of us we do not wish to look at is the part staring us in the face from our external reality. We often project our anger, frustration, and lack of power onto outer people and situations. This allows us a convenient way to abdicate any responsibility we have for shaping our life. Often times we will find we get out of one difficult situation only to fall into another. Such recurring patterns are always a giant chance to grow into higher self-awareness.

       Our perception of external reality is ultimately a projection of internal thought patterns. Our own mind and its unconscious wounds color our vision of Life. This is what Carl Jung referred to as the Shadow. It is the sum total of unexamined beliefs, fears, desires, insecurities, and emotions that cloud our perception of the world and our place in it. We must shine the transformational light of our consciousness on this part of our being if we are to transform the world around us. If we do not, we will repeat the same patterns again and again until we learn the underlying lessons offered by the Universe. Until this is done, we bring an unconscious and unempowered self into the world to dysfunctionaly interact with others. Our planet can no longer tolerate such mass dysfunction and its consequences. Either we evolve a planetary culture that values active and reflective self-awareness or we perish in the sum total of our ignorance, laziness, fear, greed, and complacency.

       When we look outside us to see vast amounts of destructive power beyond our control, we are seeing a reflection of the inner dynamics inside us. We are seeing the magnification of our inner fears and the energy they produce in the world. We must face the fears within us, or risk being ruled by them. External projections of threatening power also reveal and embody the self-destructive elements within us. These elements left undealt with in the psyche will manifest materially. Many of us use these situations as reason and excuse to be self-destructive or adopt the victim perspective. People feel that the world is indifferent to their needs and offers cruel resistance to their happiness. To be certain the world is full of pain and injustice. So much of this occurs because we have abdicated our role in preventing it. Even when we are actively shaping our own life though, we will still encounter things beyond our control. It is up to us to transform the poop of Life into fertilizer for our own growth. We bring unhappiness upon ourselves when we give away our internal sense of well being to arbitrarily fluctuating external forces. We reclaim it when we use external circumstance as a springboard to transformation. Only we can decide to choose happiness over despair, self-creation over self-destruction. The way to do this is to adopt the perspective that all situations are brought about so that your Soul may come into higher awareness of its true nature.

       The outer manifestations of uncontrolled power also reflect the unclaimed potential within us. This vast inner potential is more explosive than any war could ever be. As we reclaim our inner creative power, the world around us will naturally evolve. The way to a better world lives within our untapped ability to help create it. All the advancements made in the history of humanity have come from those who have chosen creative potentialities over the established and known limitations of material reality. When we relinquish our creativity and resign ourselves to the world’s dysfunction we allow it to get a grip on us. Those who are resigned to institutionalized dysfunction pay a price of continual frustration with the world and their place in it. Action is the antidote for this despair. Not just a single action, but continual ceaseless action. Some of these actions will fail but many will succeed. Small and gradual improvements are still progressive steps in the right direction. Each of these steps will build on the ones before it and culminate in a massive transition. If we stay true to the inner sound and tune in to its infinite potential we will be the ones to influence the future. Those who continue to sleep walk without knowing the inner sound will sink deeper and deeper into a nightmare beyond their control.

       The society that trades its creative spirit for a prescription version of life will suffer dire consequences. The reality being created for the McLife consumer is one where they will ultimately become the product consumed. They will have no creative input into a system designed to treat them as a “human resource”, ready to be exploited and disposed of. Just like a natural resource, their inherent worth will be used up and ultimately go to the benefit of a well moneyed few. To change this situation we must shift our paradigm to one of empowered creation. If you believe you have to take whatever life will give you, then you will not get much. If however you acknowledge that your inner nature is the ability to create, you will always have inventive ways to improve your surroundings. We may not control the circumstances around us, but we can always create a response that comes from and leads to a higher place. As more of us adopt this stance, the more the world around us will reflect our inherent ability to positively influence it. The result will be a more healthy, just, and functional reflection of our inner nature. To arrive at this point we must strive to unearth, utilize, and develop our creative potential. We must bring it into tune with the laws of nature and the best interests of a Living Earth.

       The challenge now is to bring our creative will into alignment with the divine laws of Life. If we fail to do this, our actions will fall by the way side of an ever-evolving world. We must integrate an awareness of nature, science, history, spirituality, art, and culture into our creations. There are divine and immutable universal laws of self-organization present in these areas. When we act in accord with these laws, our actions will sympathetically vibrate with the world around us. When we are out of tune with these laws, we will encounter discordant resistance and cacophonous results. The world around us will ultimately not support what goes against the laws at work within it. It is our responsibility to evolve a collective awareness of these laws and how they can help us to liberate our consciousness from rigid and dogmatic belief systems. We must continually integrate new perceptual paradigms in order to navigate the terrain of a universe in continual evolution. Outdated beliefs and attachments are the biggest obstacle we face in joining with this Universal evolution. To ignorantly and fearfully cling to paradigms that no longer serve us is to suffocate the Loving Soul within us.

       To channel the creative energy of Soul into the vibrations around us we must overcome our limited concepts of self. Only through conscious transformation of our limiting beliefs are we able to merge with the totality of being. The self-renewing current of creative Soul will catch anyone willing to leap into the unknown. It will take us directly to an infinite and loving world that waits to be discovered within us.