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Conscious Culture

       Conscious Culture describes art, music or other creative expression that is designed to generate higher awareness. Such culture brings to our attention our inner nature, the world we live in, and how the two can creatively interact. It helps us to transcend the perceptual prisons of cultural and spiritual ignorance. It reconnects us to our creative abilities and the knowledge necessary to make change in the world. It provides alternatives to perpetuating dysfunctional modes of existence.

       There is a divine creative spirit that dwells within us. Every invention, technological advance, agricultural breakthrough, work of art, etc comes from this creative spirit. It take in its surroundings and reconfigures them for more optimal manifestations. It is constantly evolving by building on previous advancements, integrating new facets of creation, and unifying its expressions into cohesive and novel wholes. The natural world around us is an amazing demonstration of this force at work. Just look around you. We live in a Universe alive with the ability to create, evolve, adapt and change. This ability is hardwired to the Soul of humanity.

       The mall culture we live in is just now beginning to realize the importance of “thinking out of the box”. For too long our public education systems have driven the creative part of young minds into atrophied exile. From its inception, public education was designed to produce standardized minds capable of predictable performance in an industrialized society. In a culture that values conformity above creativity, the creative spirit is for many buried beneath years of societal conditioning, cultural programming, and general neglect. Conscious culture can help cultivate, empower, and liberate this spirit. It gives us examples of creative responses to harmful and arbitrarily empowered realities. It provides us with the awareness necessary to remove our own limiting belief systems that enable situations that are against our best interests. It illuminates the role of our own actions in perpetuating self-destructive systems alien to our survival. It provides us with positive alternatives for outdated and unconscious paradigms. Our future depends on the liberation of human creativity and consciousness to create alternatives to the current self-terminating global order. Without the ability to create alternative courses of action, we are doomed to repeat ever-intensifying echoes of history.

       We must actively seek, support, and create art and culture that transcends commercial agendas. So much of what passes for culture in America today is a thinly veiled marketing ploy. Our pop stars sell soft drinks, our comedians sell junk food, and our movies advertise everything. Even hip-hop is pimped in the form of commercially produced rap with dubious agendas. Such music helps market not just 40’s and blunts, but a destructive lifestyle that illegitimate powers seek to perpetuate. In a culture saturated with media, we must be aware of the source and agenda of what we consume with our awareness. We must be careful not to subsidize with our consciousness the very perceptual paradigms we must transform if we are to survive. So much of the culture produced by corporate America is designed to oil the vast machinery of consumption. Real art in any form does not encourage the passive consumption of the reality handed to you. It demands that you see things differently with a new perspective. It gives you cause and concepts to question complacent assumptions. True art and culture speaks to a higher plane of living experience. It empowers us with knowledge and speaks to the part of us brave enough to live creatively. It illuminates hidden aspects of Universal truth. Conscious Culture can help us deprogram the flawed mental constructs currently passing for reality. Seek it out and support it.