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           Not long after the Watts riots in California, the astoundingly great soul record label Stax put on an epic concert in LA that was attended by more than 100,00 people. Billed as “the black Woodstock,” this event was a wild success with red hot performances from Rufus Thomas, Isaac Hayes, the Staples Singers, Albert King, and the Barkays. This DVD captures the timeless moment beautifully through great performances, interviews, and footage from the event and Watts streets. Also featured are hilarious and insightful commentaries from Richard Pryor and concert goers as well as a beautiful speech from Jesse Jackson. This multi-layered film is like a journey through the heart and soul of African American music and features funk, soul, gospel, and blues. Perhaps more importantly, though, it is a soulful look into the culture and people that created this timeless music.